Jenny had the ability to target my son’s strengths and weaknesses

Jenny Manton came in to our lives when my son was in Reception, struggling with a speech and social delay. We were having a tough time with school relations, EHCP application, day to day struggles and were rather lost.

Through lego therapy, games, role play and visuals Jenny taught my son the tools he needed to manage himself and through Jenny’s homework my husband and I were able to support him in between sessions. I still use her strategies two years on and apply them to my other son too. She has a lasting effect! Jenny had the ability to target my son’s strengths and weaknesses, which led to a firm friendship, so much so, he thought Jenny’s visits were a treat!

I truly believe that without Jenny’s patience, extensive knowledge and calm demeanour, my son would not be the boy he is today. I am forever in her debt.

Mrs K, Elmbridge

We’ve always been extremely pleased with the quality of the sessions

We first contacted Jenny after being aware that our four year old daughter was far behind with her speech and language. We were concerned that she would struggle once she started Reception. Jenny initially performed a screening at home, and provided us with an assessment of what our child was capable of. We also received a detailed report with recommendations.

Over the past year, Jenny has provided our daughter with speech and language therapy and we’ve always been extremely pleased with the quality of the sessions. Jenny has also visited Nursery and provided staff with advice on helping with speech and language as well as social communication.

Jenny has consistently worked to ensure that the sessions include the right amount of Attention Autism activities to keep the sessions effective. Our daughter has found the sessions enjoyable and Jenny has always agreed targets with us before the start of each block.

Jenny has also provided us with advice for obtaining additional NHS therapy to supplement her sessions, as well as how to navigate the SEN minefield. In addition, Jenny has always been happy (with our consent) to liaise with other professionals including NHS therapists, school staff and council staff.

I would without hesitation recommend Jenny and Chatty Cherubs to other parents who have concerns about their child’s speech and language.

Mr and Mrs S, New Malden

A massive thanks

All my family owes a massive thanks to our Speech and Language Therapist Jenny Manton. We asked for help when our 3 year old son fell behind with his development and was suspected to have autism. For over a year we worked together with Jenny, and the positive changes we achieved are truly significant. It has been a long and very satisfying journey for us, and great fun for my son.

Jenny instantly built a relationship with my 3 year old son, her visits became the most important part of his education and preparation for school.

Jenny is extremely reliable, and her knowledge and experience reaches well beyond therapy; she was able to provide help, support and advice to practitioners and to our family.

We are keeping Jenny in very high regards, and with a great confidence recommend her as a therapist.

Mrs O, Kingston Upon Thames