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Chatty Cherubs

Chatty Cherubs is set up by Jenny Manton, a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist.

I provide Private Speech and Language Therapy services to pre-school children aged approximately two and a half to five in Surrey and South-West London including the Boroughs of Kingston, Richmond and Elmbridge.

I specialise in…

…working with pre-school children who have difficulties with attention and listening, delays in their understanding and use of language, speech and social communication difficulties.

Working with you…

I enjoy working with pre-school children and their families. I feel therapy is a joint process between families and myself. I advise parents/carers to attend therapy sessions to observe the activities and strategies I use so that it informs of ways you can support your child at home.

Liaising with others…

If your child is also receiving Speech and Language Therapy from the NHS, I can liaise with their therapist regarding the input they are receiving from me, with your permission. This way we can work in parallel and therapy can be complimentary to your child.