Services & Fee Structure

Fees for services are listed below. Fees also take into account administration activities related to the services provided to your child including planning sessions, preparing resources, case note writing, the cost of resources used, liaising with parents/carers and professionals via email and phone calls (first fifteen minutes).

no charge

Initial discussion

regarding your concerns via telephone conversation.


Initial screening (assessment) at home

A referral form to be completed via telephone contact prior to the initial screening appointment in order to obtain information including name, address and concerns regarding your child’s communication skills.

Screening involves conducting a case history, observation and informal/formal activities to gain information about your child’s speech, language and communication. The session lasts for approximately 60-70 minutes and includes a 10 minute feedback with parents/carers during which time conclusions and recommendations about further input (if required) will be discussed.

A report from the initial screening can be requested. Please see written report below for more information.


Review appointment at home

A 45 minute appointment consisting of informal/formal activities to review your child’s speech, language and communication skills. This includes a 5-10 minute feedback with parents/carers to discuss progress and further action.

Individual therapy session

60 minutes £85

45 minutes £65

30 minutes £45

At the end of the session time will be allocated for a homework activity to be given to parents/carers verbally.

Individual therapy sessions usually run weekly for a block of six.

£85 per hour

Written report

Report includes a summary of your child’s speech, language and communication skills as well as recommendations and strategies.

£40 per hour

Making resources (on request)


Nursery/school visit

One hour visit to your child’s nursery/school. This includes observation of your child in their educational setting as well as discussion with staff regarding your child’s communication with ways for staff to support them. Targets for an Individual Support Plan (ISP) can also be set.


Nurseries can request workshops and sessions which provide advice and strategies to their staff. These can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Telephone calls

first 15 minutes – no charge

£10 per 15 minutes thereafter

Liaising with other professionals who are involved with your child.

£85 per hour

Attendance at meetings

£1 per mile


Travel is included in the fees for sessions, attendance at meetings and nursery visits which are within a five mile radius of East Molesey. For sessions outside this radius, travel will be charged at £1 per mile.

Parking charges will be invoiced in metered areas.

Privacy Notice

Download and read my privacy notice here.

Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Accepted payment methods are bank transfer and cash.

I would like to make parents aware that Speech and Language Therapy is available on the NHS. If your child is already receiving Speech and Language Therapy from the NHS, I can liaise with their therapist, with your permission.